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Our Orchard

Raising Cane Ranch produces a variety of organic fruits. We started in 2010 with an organic, UPICK raspberry patch, which we have since discontinued, and are now growing over a dozen types of apples and pears, including some heirloom varieties. In 2016, we planted a forest farm with Aronia berries, currants, huckleberries, hazelnuts and chestnuts. All of our fruits and nuts are grown with organic practices. 


You are welcome to come to our farm when it is open for picking. U-PICK will start sometime in June and run through October depending on the weather. Go to the boxes below to see the specific ripening times. Our prices are based on weight, with a discount for larger purchases. We provide containers for picking or feel free to bring your own. We take credit cards and cash but no checks. We have restroom facilities on site and please don’t bring your dogs.


Follow our Facebook page, Instagram, and/or the farm news for the most current information about what’s ready, when we’re open, events, etc. or feel free to email or call us with your questions. 


Berries & Nuts


Apples & Pears

Hard Cider
(coming soon)


Apples & Pears


Berries & Nuts

We have a small amount of berries and nuts for UPICK by appointment only or prepick (order minimum is 5 lbs). Tayberries and blackberries are located in our apple orchard and the Aronia berries, currants, huckleberries, hazelnuts and chestnuts are planted in the forest farm. All our berries are sold by weight. We provide containers for picking or feel free to bring your own. 


Ripe in June

Black Diamond blackberries

Ripe in July

Triple Crown blackberries

Ripe in August

Aronia berries

Superfood, high in flavonoids and antioxidants, strong tart flavor, used in juices, jams, and wines, ripe in July

Black currants

(4 varieties)-ripe in July


Ripe in August


Ready in September


Ready in September

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