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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes from what we have all around us, common examples are sunlight, wind, and water. Generating energy from these natural sources means we don’t have to rely on fossil fuels that contribute to the pollution which harms the environment, and thus all living plants and animals. Utilizing green energy aligns with our core philosophy and practices at Raising Cane Ranch. As farmers, we strive not to harm the land, water, and air we depend on. We are proud to say that our whole farm is powered by the solar energy generated by the panels on our barns! We even have a solar tractor, several electric implements, and an electric truck.

Projects at RCR:

  • Solar panels on the farmhouse that pre-heat water before it goes to the water heater

  • Solar panels on the old milkhouse and garage that power the whole farm

  • An electric tractor that charges on solar-generated electricity


If you’re interested in solar energy at your location, visit the REDA page on the Snohomish Conservation District website.

Raising Cane Ranch

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