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Stewardship means taking care of something and often it refers to natural resource management.  Farmers have always been stewards of their property, doing it in ways that fit with their knowledge and resources.  At Raising Cane Ranch, we take our stewardship role seriously.  It’s our way of doing our part to heal the planet - the farming practices we utilize creatively and skillfully combine our knowledge of agriculture and ecology.  There is a way to do both.


Projects at RCR:

  • Rainwater catchment for water usage for horses and cattle on 2 barns

  • Rain garden for mud management off the largest barn

  • Pasture rotation with horses and cattle to decrease parasite loads in animals and ease the impact of grazing on the land

  • Grass-raised cattle

  • Hedgerows of native plants along farm boundaries

  • Conservation Riparian Enhancement Program (CREP) with native plants to purify the water in a drainage ditch at the back of the property

  • Natural farming practices (composting manure and spreading on hay fields, using natural alternatives to herbicides and pesticides on produce, companion planting of daffodils and comfrey with apple trees)



If you’re interested in any of the stewardship practices mentioned above at your location, reach out to the Snohomish Conservation District.

Raising Cane Ranch

5719 Riverview Rd Snohomish, WA 98290

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